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'All Classes Keen to Invest in Real Estate'
05 March
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'All Classes Keen to Invest in Real Estate'

Real estate sector is a preferred investment option for several Indians and is going to maintain its supremacy over other investment options like gold and financial instruments, points out the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2016 which has been released this week. Dr Samantak Das, chief economist and national director of research at Knight Frank, in an interview with express, throws light on the present scenario in the sector and the prospects. Here are some excerpts:

What are the highlights of the report?

In the last ten years, the billionaire count in India has increased by 333 percent while the global growth was just 68 percent, which points to the growth of wealth in India. And these people preferred to invest in real estate sector. The average number of residential properties owned by wealthy individuals stands at 4, while the global average is 3.7, thus highlighting Indian’s inclination towards investment in the realty sector. One-third of wealthy Indians increased their asset allocations to residential real estate over the past decade.

Do the investment preferences of the rich reflect the investment patterns of  majority of Indians?

The size and selection of investments may differ but investors in all financial categories follow more or less the same pattern or have similar preferences. Why just wealthy Indians, even middle-class and lower-income groups dream of owning a home or investing in property and are keen to save all through their lives to buy properties.

Will investment in real estate be preferred in the future?

According to the wealth report, the real estate sector will be a preferred option even in the next 5-10 years. Only after 2025 might there be some change.


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